Balika Bhavan is situated at Karthikapuram 80 kilometers from north of Kannur district, Kerala. Karthikapuram is a small village set in the background of beautiful hillsides with pleasant climate.

Tapping rubber trees is the main occupation of the people and they work in the fields of rich people for daily wage. Men are mostly drunkards and lose their little earnings and plunder whatever the wife earns. Thus most of them are below poverty line (around 75 %); resulting in broken families, illegal and destitute children. The girls in Balika Bhavan are from such families. Since there is no proper bus facility, children have to walk their way to schools from home situated at the hill top. This is both difficult and unsafe for them.

Thus, as per the request of the parents, Balika Bhavan was started and now there are 25 girls of different classes from the neighbouring schools, staying in the home with free board and lodge. Thus Balika Bhavan is a great help for these less fortunate girls coming from lower middle class residing in upper hills. There are more children wanting to enter but we are unable to take them due to want of adequate infrastructure facilities and financial constraints to maintain the home.


  • Board and Lodge
  • Providing tuition for better academic performance
  • Counselling the children and their families
  • Faith formation
  • Value education
  • Celebrations and cultural activities


  • At present the home is accommodated on the first floor of the convent. We need to build another block with better facilities like study hall, dining hall etc., if we have to accommodate more children we need around 40,00,000 INR
  • To support one girl we need 10000/year ( including food, stay and activities, 2,50,000 INR/year).
  • We need vehicle to expand our home mission to the surrounding hilly villages and contact officials and benefactors. ( 8,00,000 INR plus 1,00,000 INR /year for maintenance of the vehicle including driver’s allowance).

Children in the home, at present, are very happy and show keen interest in their studies. It will be a great service to the people of this area, if this home is stabilized to accommodate more children with greater facilities for all round formation of the inmates.

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