Gundupatti is located in Kodaikanal Taluk of Dindigul district in Tamilnadu, India. It is a cluster of 10 villages in the Panchayat of Kookal. Madurai is the nearest city 163 kilometers away from Gundupatti. Kodaikanal is the nearest town, about 40 kilometers.

Our target group is the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe of Gundupatti and the surrounding villages. Another group is the Sri Lankan repatriates with meagre income and little facility for health care and education of their children.

One of our target groups, Madharis is considered the lowest among the scheduled castes of the village and treated as untouchables. They do not own lands and are daily wage workers earning minimum wages which is insufficient even to meet their basic needs. In emergency they take loan for high interest and gradually become bonded labourers. They are alienated from the main stream and their houses are at the far end of the villages. They are strongly superstitious and believe in warding off evil rather than seeking health assistance.

Mortality rate is high because of lack of medical care and accessibility to hospital – there is infant mortality because of lack of medical care in prenatal period and delivery times. In moments of emergency like epidemic, suicidal attempt or serious health hazards like heart ailment, tuberculosis which are common in hill areas, there is no scope for immediate medical assistance. Sisters main concern is directed to health care, primary education, pastoral care, women empowerment and youth formation.

Our main concern is to provide preventive, promotive medical care and holistic approach in our healing ministry by introducing naturopathy and herbal medicines and organizing medical camps, mobile clinic, dispensary and health animation of self help groups.


  • Regular village visits
  • Summer Youth leadership camp
  • Evening tuition centers for the children
  • Forming self-help groups for women
  • Conducting medical camps in collaboration with like- minded groups.
  • Attending to patients through Dispensary and mobile clinic( 30- 50 per day)
  • Introducing Naturopathy & Herbal medicines for chronic ailments.


  • Laboratory facilities to facilitate regular visit of medical practitioners
  • Vehicle (Mobile Clinic) to reach out to the villagers

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