Kodaikanal is a hill station situated 150 kilometers from Madurai and 2100 meters high above the sea level. The inhabitants of these villages are mostly either tribals or dalits. They are marginalized and deprived of many facilities. They are socially alienated as low caste untouchables and are treated as bonded labourers.

Our goal is to reach the marginalised and voiceless of the society. Fourviere Home was started in 1996 to impart education to the children who were bonded labourers. Our vision is to give them all round formation, to enlarge their vision and bring them to the main stream of the society.

It is particularly challenging, requiring patience and perseverance to bring the children to Fourviere Home to educate them, inculcate social responsibility and later to empower them to be employed on par with others. Gradually the strength of the home is increased from 40 to 50. They are a mixed group belonging to different religions.


  • We bring them up in faith formation.
  • Twice a year parents’ meet is held helping the parents to realize their responsibility. Outside resource persons are invited.
  • Once a month group prayer is organized.
  • Twice a month, value education and moral instruction classes are conducted.
  • Every week competitions are conducted to animate them to come out with their talents
  • They visit the nearby old age home and give cultural programs

ACTIVITIES 2014 - 2015

  • The academic year 2014-15 started with 36 children (from class 6th to 10th.) Among them 4 were new arrivals for 6th class.
  • On June 29th the parents’ meet was conducted and they participated in good numbers and with lot of enthusiasm. The parents promised their co-operation and support in keeping up the rules and regulations of the Home and promoting the well being of their children.
  • Selvi Muthumari, an old student from a very poor family was helped by the Lion’s club of Kodaikanal to pursue her nursing studies because of the involvement of our sisters. The generosity of a few people, enabled the sisters to help Selvi Masani, a very poor girl to pursue her XII std at St.Xavier’s Shembeganur.
  • We provided 2 sets of uniform and sweaters to each of our children.
  • Selvi Vijayalakshmi, one of our inmates got the over all championship in the Sports Day competitions in the School.
  • On November 15th “Balamela” was organised for all the children from various homes at Shembaganur. Our children performed a few programs and the audience appreciated them very much.
  • On 14th December an NGO by named “NESHA KARANGAL” gathered all the children from various homes and celebrated the Joy and Happiness of X’mas and shared a meal with them.
  • On 20th December the sisters celebrated X’MAS with the inmates with Carol singing, X’mas message and gave cakes and gifts.
  • On January 20th, 2015 Pongal was Celebrated with children in a very meaningful way thanking the farmers who till the soil and all who helped to enjoy the pongal and prayed for their well-being.
  • In the First week of March the Students had an outing to the Town and they enjoyed thoroughly.
  • On 14th March the children were taken to the Home for the Aged which is run by private people and gave a few cultural Programme. The inmates of the Home and the children were very happy and enjoyed the presence of each other.
  • On March 19th St, Joseph`s (patron) Feast was celebrated in a solemn manner. On 26th we had the Managing Committee Meeting along with three officers from District Child Protection office and their subordinate officers. We had useful interactions with them. The Chief Officer appreciated us because ours is the only home which practises regular prayer and Yoga.


  • At present they are in a small shelter built for their use. To get recognition from the Government spacious rooms with cots for their beddings and facilities for home living are required. As per the requirements of the government we need better infrastructure facilities. This will enable us to obtain, the benefits of various government schemes for the children.

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