Doddabalapura is situated in the North-West of Bangalore district, Karanataka State, India. The total geographic areas cover 78,760 hectares. It is 40 kilometers away from Bangalore city with a population of 374217. It has 351 villages and 29 Mandal (Gram Panchayat). The majority of the people in the village belong to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe and the literacy rate is very low. Scheduled caste people possess very little land and most of them are agricultural/construction daily wage workers. Villages are far away from the city and each isolated from the other. Transportation facilities are very less. Many garment factories are situated in Doddabalapura. Due to failure of monsoon the farmers send their children to the factories to earn their livelihood and very few reach up to class XII. Early marriages are still common.

In 1977, on the request of the then Archbishop of Bangalore, Dr.Packiam Arockiasamy, a new community was started in Doddabalapura. Later in 1992, it was shifted to St. Joseph Nilaya at Jayanagara. Sisters worked for the poor irrespective of the caste and creed, helping them mainly in the areas like pre-primary education, health, hygiene, pastoral work, non formal education and different programs under rural organisation for Action and Development.

Play school, Nursery, St. Joseph Primary school and Evening Tuition centres: We find that the people of the surrounding villages are very poor and unemployed. They go for daily wage work in the factories leaving their children at home. Grown up children are drop outs from the school since they cannot afford to pay the fees, which is very high in private schools. This leads to low literacy rate. So we decided to start a play school, a primary school, and evening tuition centres. At present we have 93 children in the primary school (English medium) and 30-40 in each tuition centre. Parents are happy about our presence and ministry.

TAILORING CLASS FOR YOUNG GIRLS : Since most of the women and young girls are illiterates, they are at home wasting their time or doing some menial work struggling to find their livelihood. We have started a six months tailoring course for young women and a minimum of 15 – 20 are getting formed in tailoring in every batch. Many of them are self employed and have a decent living.


  • Summer camp for school going and drop outs
  • Health care and value education in villages
  • Children’s Day and Women’s day celebrations
  • Literacy classes for adults and drop outs
  • Skill training program for rural young women


  • Sponsors for the support of very poor students
  • Expanding the infrastructure for the primary school.
  • Computers for children
  • Tailoring machines for women

Your contribution will help a less fortunate child of rural Karnataka to blossom with a future full of hope.

We are trying to bring hope and newness in the life of people through our service in this locality and we desire to bring newer, creative and life promoting service in the near future. St. Joseph social service centre is working for the uplift of women and children in and around Doddaballapura taluk.

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