Sri Lanka is a country rich in natural resources. It has a history dating back to more than 2500 years. (There were three kingdoms identified in Ceylon – north and eastern parts where majority of the Tamilians live and the western and southern parts where mainly Sinhalese live.) Total population at present is around c.20,00,0000; 13,800,000 are Sinhalese, around 3,800,000 are Tamilians, around 1,600,000, Tamil speaking Muslims and others 800,000. Since the independence in 1948, there has been growing unrest between Tamils and Sinhalese and especially since 1983, there has been open war between LTTE and Sinhalese. As a result, the people in the North-eastern area have been reduced to misery after losing precious human lives in large numbers besides destruction of properties etc. The final war was fought in the Uyilankulam area where Nochikulam and the surrounding 10-15 villages are situated.

During the 30 years of war, over 280000 were killed and around 15,000 are from the Mannar Diocese. There were numerous Churches, Schools, Convents , and Houses destroyed. The prolonged war has created single headed families, destitute elders and a host of parentless children.

Our main work

  • Listening to the people and helping them to find consolation and hope in life.
  • Coaching the children, mainly in English and also in other subjects like Mathematics and Science.
  • Motivating the youth to come out of their ‘no hope’ attitude and look at life with a positive attitude.
  • Involvement in the parish activities,( teaching catechism and animating them in Basic Christian Community way of life).
  • Providing minimal medical care while waiting to open a dispensary.

Our Challenge

  • We are not of the place by citizenship.

Our Immediate needs

  • Financial help to open a Dispensary
  • Two wheeler/Four wheeler to reach out to people who are staying far away.

Your assistance will bring sustainable help to the war stricken people who depend solely on the generosity of good hearted and compassionate people.

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